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On-site Visit – $15 per trip
Since onsite service is my primary focus, you don’t pay outrageous fees just to have someone come to you. An onsite visit costs little more than the gas you would spend to drop the computer off!

Pick-up and Delivery – $30
Most services can be done onsite during one visit. For those that require extra time like hardware diagnostics, data recovery and operating system repair/reinstall, save yourself the time and gas by allowing me to pick-up your computer.

Virus & Spyware removal – $100
Remove all viruses, spyware, and adware from your PC. This service can be done onsite, or overnight. Free antivirus is included for home use, and paid antivirus is required for businesses. Use your antivirus of choice, but if you don’t have any preferences I can suggest a few of my favorites. Antivirus is not required at all if you don’t want it, but if your computer is protected with an antivirus program when the service is complete then repeat infections within 30-days are covered at no additional cost.

Tune-up – $40
Attempt to speed-up your computer by removing unwanted programs and toolbars from the computer, preventing unwanted applications from launching during login, remove unnecessary files, defragment the HDD and identify/resolve other possible causes of slow computing.

Software installation/configuration – $30
Install any one piece of software. Additional applications are $15 each.

Hardware installation – $60
Installation of hardware upgrades or accessories including memory, hard drives, sound or video cards, and necessary software or drivers for the device to function. Hardware is not included.

Operating system repair or restore – $120
Repair your computer from a non-bootable state (just doesn’t work) or re-install the operating system from scratch. Backup of personal files is an additional cost (see data transfer).

Data Transfer – $40
Backup your personal files for transfer to a new installation, or backup to your media of choice (USB Flash drive, external hard drive, CD/DVD etc).

Data Backup – $40 (plus media)
Backup your files to your media of choice. For anything more than 50 GB I suggest using an external hard drive. You can supply your own backup media, or I will quote you for an external drive or flash drive myself. Backup to DVD is $2 per disk as it can take a long time to backup to disk.

Data recovery – $120
Recovery of lost data from “dead” hard drives and flash-based storage devices like USB drives, SD, Micro SD, SDHC, or CF cards. If no data is recoverable, you pay only the pick-up and delivery fee if applicable. Supply your own media to recover the data to, or I can sell you new media (hard drive, flash drive, or $2 per DVD)

Network setup & configuration – $60
Add up to two computers or devices to an existing network, or setup a new network for two computers or devices (including printers). Additional computers or devices are $10 each. Troubleshoot and resolve internet connectivity problems. Routers and equipment are not included in the price.

Student Discount – 10%